RustyWeight 150x150 About The SiteFitness Fact Review is dedicated to evidence-based analysis of ideas in fitness, weight loss, exercise, training, and nutrition. ?This takes me into those and other areas ?like bodybuilding, training methods & routines, supplements, fat loss methods, and more.

I’m trying to write honestly and clearly about the information I’ve discovered in a journey to live a healthier lifestyle. ?If I share something that has worked for me, but have no evidence to explain why, I’m going to be up front about that.

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As to why the blog exists, I think of it as a coming together of three passionate hobbies of mine; health and fitness, writing, and tinkering with web and internet technologies. ?It seems like a pretty natural thing for me to do, and I quite enjoy it. ?I also enjoy hearing from readers, so drop a comment or two, and let me know what you think. ?Happy reading!